50 Organic Fed Pasture Raised Boar Goats (Goats receive only supplemental feed (Certified Organic) during winter months and kidding season, other wise, all pasture, hay, or alfalfa)
- Cuts of meat for Chevon (a goat any where from 6months to 14months):

- Because of a higher demand for goat meat, Windy Hill has begun partnership programs with other area goat ranchers. Goats must be raised naturally, which means no antibiotics, no hormones, no worming within 3 months of salughter, no GMO corn or soy, pasture raised, and humanly treated. 

- Or Need a Whole goat for a another celebration (Wedding, Quinceanera, July 4th, or anything else!) let us know!

- First of the year goat meat is Cabrito, a goat younger then 5 months, and thus a little more expensive...less meat, more tender. Think veal vs beef or lamb vs mutton. The Prices below reflect the cost of Chevon, older then 5months.


Tenderloins: $18/lb
Boneless Loin: $15/lb
Loin Chops: $14/lb
Shoulder Chops (steaks): $12/lb
Leg(bone-in): $10/lb 
Whole Leg (shank included): $8/lb
Shoulder Roast: $10/lb
Boneless Shoulder Roast: $12/lb
Round Steaks: $10/lb
Neck Roast: $7/lb
Neck Chops: $8/lb
Stew Meat: $10/lb (Bulk Discount, more than 10# for $9/lb)
Ground: $10/lb (Bulk Discount, more than 10# for $8/lb)
Shanks: $7/lb
Liver: $4/lb          
Kidney: $4/lb
Sweetbreads: $6/lb
Head: $10 per
Tongue: $4/lb

Whole or Half Goat: $5/lb
1/4 Goat: $6/lb
Cabrito: $8/lb


Boar GoatBaby and Adult