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    Eggplant, Tomatoes, Hot and Sweet Peppers, Melons, Beans, Herbs, and more
    Radish 2010

    Currently in Greenhouse:



Cooking ideas from veggies/meat planted in the past:
Hot and Sweet Peppers
Butternut Winter Squash
Squash Soup
Goat Meat (ChopsShanksLegGround, Stew, Ribs) 
tomatoes (hybrid and heirlooms)
Green Tomatoes
Swiss Chard, Kale
Ny Times Greens and Mushroom Panini 
Ny Times Goat Recipes 
Ny Times Spanish Stew
Ny Times Soft Tacos with Potatoes and Greens  
NY Times Braised Goat Shoulder or Ham with Spanish Spices
Garlic Scrapes 
Spaghetti with Let My Eggplant Go Free Sauce (this is really good...I added squash as well)
The History of Pumpkin Pie
Sugar Pie Pumpkin
Sweet Pepper Recipes
Malabar Spinach Thai Soup
Squash Risotto with Sage
Braising Greens
Winter Vegetable Soup 
Barley With Winter Green Pesto
Goat Kebabs
Kid Goat cooked in stock 
Green Garlic
Birria Goat
Cipollini Onion Hummus
Corsican Style Goat 
Goat Curry
Kid Goat Kebabs
Pasta with Grilled Artichokes 
Spit Roasted Kid Goat

Bat Guano Information
2lb Bag: $7
2lb Bat Guano
5lb Bag: $15
5lb Bat Guano
40lb Bag: $110
40lb Bat Guano
Bat Guano Label

User Feedback from Guano:
A of Irving: "I am attaching the biggest tomatoes this year thanks to your bat guano. It is a BHN 444 of 16,5 oz !!!"