Volunteer Opportunities

Windy Hill Organics is a family run business and, for most of the year, only managed by one person. Our main emphasis is on sustainability,  small scale farming, working with other small-scale farmers, bringing quality whole foods to small rural communities, always striving to make the farm economically sustainable by providing local area CSA’s and when necessary travelling to a Farmer’s Market in the bigger metro area. We strive to look for “off grid” ways of sustainability and always welcome new ideas. This farm is not about capturing the market, competing with our neighbors, or seeing who wins in the marketplace; we are about helping local/regional friends, neighbors, and communities to raise their food consciousness, making their own lives healthier, and encouraging them to take up farming and living a more sustainable life.

The farm itself is located  8 miles from the nearest town and secluded 1/2 mile from the nearest paved road. Although the wind seems to blow a few days to many, calm evenings watching the sunset from the garden seems to make up for the winds. While working in the garden or pastures one can expect to see deer, turkey, rabbits, and plenty of songbirds including our resident summer flock of Purple Martins.

Volunteers can expect to work side by side with the manager and/or other family members on various farming and ranching chores and projects. These projects include small animal husbandry with goats and chickens, managing a small but growing grass-fed Red Brangus beef herd, maintain a 3,000 sq/ft organic garden, taking care of the new orchard, flowers, and trees surrounding the house, weeding and more weeding, land maintenance (clearing cedars, mesquite, and cactus), building your own compost, and so much more. Along with the daily outdoor projects, volunteers can expect to partake in beer making, canning, drying, and freezing of vegetables, herbs and fruits for food in the winter. On Saturdays, the volunteers have the opportunity to accompany the farm manager to the city market for selling produce.

Work wise, one can expect to put in a good day’s work 5-6 days a week. Normally we get going sometime between 7-8am, work for an hour, get a quick breakfast, and then head back out to work until 2pm. Lunches are 1.5 hrs and include a much needed siesta (nap) during the hottest part of the day. After lunch, back outside until around 7pm (sometimes longer if lunch stretches due to the heat).

 Living arrangements include your own room, your own computer (with internet), your own TV (if you want), plenty of reading material, shared bathroom (with shared cleaning responsibilities), a communal kitchen (with shared cooking and cleaning responsibilities…but if you do not wish to cook, helping to clean is fine) and a great porch with a hammock to relax after a day’s work. Once is a rare while we do just take off, visit a local winery, cheese producer, organic dairy, fellow farmer and even have a night on the town.

Windy Hill Organics is offering a “one-at-a-time” volunteer the opportunity to work hand and hand with a farmer on a small sustainable farm in Central Texas. The hours can be long, rain days can seem boring (but gives you time to catch up on personal items and indoor chores), but so it goes, this is the rhythm of the people that raise not only their own food but also food for their communities.